Richard Whitehall is an industrial designer and partner at Smart Design where he works to design what he calls “responsible behaviour”. I found this great article, , where you can see exactly what goes on daily at this industrial designer’s desk.
I like this article because within it are some gems that might help you design places for better occupant interactions. Here are some of his ideas that I think make his designs successful — really promoting green human behaviour…
1 — Persuade people through cues.
2 — It’s important to observe people using a product or design. The way they say they use them is often not how they use them. Plus, your view as a designer may be entirely different than their view. You should consider both.
3 — Go for changing “small practices” with your design. All of these will eventually add up and make a big difference.
4 — Use texture, instead of adding more materials to get a “decorative effect”
5 — Aim to “optimize the efficiency” of a user.
6 — An idea is to create a feedback loop so you can encourage a person to continue or stop certain habits.
7 — Focus on “experiences and systems” so you can understand how “people interact with objects and information”.
8 — Don’t just build products that are, themselves, sustainable. Build products that change people’s behaviours.
9 — Discouraging behaviours can also be as important as encouraging them.
10 — Look at what is currently on the market and find ways to make them better.



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