The city-wide landmark background of landscape

Landmark Center (2012)

Landmark Center (2012) (Photo credit: jpellgen)


English: The Machinery Hall at in Chicago, USA...

English: The Machinery Hall at in Chicago, USA was designed by C. V. Kerr of Patten & Fisher and built in 1901. The building was gifted by Malvina Armour and dedicated to the memory of her son, Philip D. Armour, Jr. The Armour Institute initially used the building for classrooms and laboratories for teaching mechanical arts classes. Currently, it houses the Illinois Institute of Technology Facilities offices and storage. In 2004 the building was recognized as a Chicago Landmark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Hanbit Tower is a landmark inside Exp...

English: Hanbit Tower is a landmark inside Expo Science Park, which is located in the city of Daejeon, South Korea. 한국어: 대한민국 대전광역시의 엑스포과학공원 내에 위치한 한빛탑 사진. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


All landmarks share similar qualities. Unlike the street or square the observer does not enter into landmark; they are external and usually a simply defined three dimensional object, a tower, dome of hilltop. Perceptually the form of a landmark is such that it is possible to single it out as an element or group of coherent elements against a background landscape of repetitive detail. The city-wide landmark is typically seen from a distance and from many angles, usually over the tops of or between lesser buildings. Both landmark types are important in creating a stimulating image for the observer and inassisting with the reading and understanding of the urban realm. In addition to these practical reasons for landmarks, they have an important role


In creating a memorable urban landscape. The use of the landmark offers to the designer an opportunitycivic ornament. It is the landmark’s decorative role in building the image of a place





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