Craftsman houses+ART

This is view of the planters and beaming of th...

This is view of the planters and beaming of the front porch of the Gamble House in Pasadena, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

American craftsman bungalow in San Jose, Ca.

American craftsman bungalow in San Jose, Ca. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wright, and a handcrafted mixture of wood and stone lent elegance
to these popular homes. Inside, the bungalows had features appropriate
to the middle-class home buyer. For example, the “breakfast
nook” began to appear in houses around this time, and the Victorian
butler’s pantry was replaced by built-in wood shelving in the kitchen
and dining room. Unlike the Victorian kitchen, which was used by
servants and therefore separated from the main living areas of the
family, the Craftsman house featured a kitchen that was gradually becoming
central to family life. Because the servants ate in the Victorian
kitchen, it was never considered appropriate for family members
to eat there, but the Craftsman breakfast nook, often placed in a bay
window in the kitchen, allowed a place mainly for children to eat informal
meals during the daytime.
Some of the most elegant Craftsman houses were built in California
by the brothers Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather
Greene, who established their architectural firm in Pasadena in 1894.
Their most famous house is the Gamble House, built in Pasadena in
1908–1909 as a winter home for the family of David B. Gamble. This
elegant bungalow, one of the best examples of domestic architecture
in the United States, reveals the Greenes’ desire to create a custombuilt
domestic structure that is both informal and elegant.



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