As we’ve all experienced, if our leaders inspire us, we always perform better — and we’re far more likely to collaborate more effectively and enthusiastically. And, as night follows day, this will inevitably lead to vastly improved innovation.

The role of inspirational leadership looms large.
But how can anyone inspire us if they don’t command and earn our respect, admiration and trust by leading by example?

And how can leaders inspire us if they rule by fear and threat?

The answer to both questions is simply that they can’t.
What is clear is that, unless our leaders are themselves ethical and act with integrity — and unless they demand that we do the same —

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Inspirational leaders have perfected the art of articulating and explaining the raison d’être of their organizations — why their organizations exist and why they, as leaders, get up in the morning to go to work. And somehow they have found a way to communicate this in a way that their followers can enthusiastically embrace as their own. And, incidentally, this raison d’être is not “making a profit,” because this is the purpose of all businesses. The reasons people choose to do more than just deliver a task is because they believe in the social, economic and environmental value in what they are doing.


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