You better Start swimming or you will sink like a stone

Skills Like This

Skills Like This (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You better Start swimming or you will sink like a stone

Take risk

People who take risks change the world few people ever get rich without taking risks too many people have come to depend on government to eliminate the risk of life. Finical intelligence is not so much how money you make but how much money you keep how hard that money works for you and how many generation you keep it for Some of more important real life business subjects network marketing companies teach are
An attitude of success
Leadership skills
Communication skills
People skills
Overcoming personal fear doubts and luck of confidence
Overcoming the fear of rejection
Money management skills
Investing skills
Accountability skills
Time management skills
Goal settings
It is a sin to make a mistake and not to learn from it
Making mistake and not admitting it or blaming someone else for your mistake is a sin
Make mistakes correct, learn and grow that’s life changing education.

 Robert kiyosaki



World Wide Web Conference 1

World Wide Web Conference 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ägypten, Sakkara, Stufenpyramide

Ägypten, Sakkara, Stufenpyramide (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

• The growth of the World Wide Web has led to a new profession–that of the Information Architect. These specialists aim to build Web sites that are more clearly understood and more easily navigated by human users.
• While this metaphor seems to be providing a valuable model for building better Web sites, what are the elements mapped by this metaphor from the domain of architecture to the domain of Web design?
• Specifically, do we really communicate through architecture?
• And if we do communicate through architecture, what is the nature of that communication?
• There are a number of possible communication theories that can shed light on the nature of communication through architecture.

However, I believe these are inadequate to capture the complete nature of architecture. I believe that our understanding of architecture is itself a metaphorical understanding, and it would be most fruitful if we recognized it as such.