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Winter butterfly

Winter butterfly (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Shiver me timbers

You are on the beach, walking down to the water in your cute little…okay, maybe your support one piece. You automatically suck in your stomach-that’s your intuition or gut instincts, telling you out. how about when you are walking down the street and the little hairs on the back of that’s intuition,too.don’t ignore that feeling if you are too busy being scared, you wont think clearly. Take time to glance behind you around you. Do you see someone or something that is out of space, possible cause for concern if you do, listen to your no-non since inner voice that’s,says,okay,calm down and don’t panic,is there a store close by that you can go into is there group of people you can stand near preferably not a group of gang members.the key is to quickly assess the situation so you can remove yourself from harms way.the chilly willies a chill down the back of your spine is another indication that your intuition is working if you are jogging on the street or on a trail and you feel the chill,don’t ignore it.don’t be embarrassed to turn around and look to see if someone is sneaking up behind you confront the might be just your neighbor out walking his dog,but it could be someone intending to do you harm.if you exercise outdoors,try to do so with friend.if you must exercise alone,there are all kinds of great little safety product to take along with you

English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.

English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Butterfly (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

butterflies in your stomach can signal a number of things but they are an intuitive signal nonetheless. whether you are about to make a presentation in the board room or take a test in the classroom, your body is signalling you that you are nervous or exited. But another reason for the butterflies might be more serious. The distinction is a subtle one the butterflies might be more serious of tightening in your stomach. these are just of the common body signals that you might recognize think about your reaction in the situation. Test yourself the next time you are driving to the market or walking., to use your intuition.


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