They convey a combination of distance and intimacy at a time when Ethiopia seemed as strange and as exotic a place as one could imagine LETS TAKE OUR TOUR TO SOUTHERN ETHIOPIA Welcome to Strawberry Fields Eco-Lodge
THESE are an oasis of green sitting amongst the dusty hills of Konso, Ethiopia. A land of proud and simple, solid folk, with hoary palms and wooden arms, who hoist and toil through their days to push that rolling rock, the wheel of life, ever on and up around, amongst those rocky rugged slopes, on the edge of the Great Rift Valley.

This 13-day practical and demonstrative PDC will take place in Konso, south Ethiopia, from May 7th – 18th 2012, at Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge. Facilitators for the course are Alex McCausland with local assistant trainer Asmelash Dagne and guest appearances from local elders and intellectuals.
Dates: May 7th to 18th, 2011
Location: Konso, South Ethiopia
Venue: Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge
Cost: US$850 ($500 for Ethiopians)
Includes: course fees, food and accommodation for the period of the course
Excludes: Transport, accommodation en-route, travel insurance etc.

English: "One of two watersheds selected ...

English: “One of two watersheds selected in 2011 for TREES’/GE’s Konso Project to implement a watershed restoration project. Trees for the Future and Greener Ethiopia are working with their project partners and community members to build soil and water conservation structures and plant seedlings to restore this degraded watershed.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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