Love Is A Choice!

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Always, love is a choice. You come up against scores of opportunities every day to love or not to love. You encounter hundreds of small chances to please your friends, delight your Lord, and encourage your family. That’s why love and obedience are intimately linked- you can’t have one without the other. ~ Joni Eareckson Tada

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Taxicabs of New York City

Taxicabs of New York City (Photo credit: marcoderksen)

If a cab is your transportation of choice, be sure to follow these safety tips when travelling here or abroad;

1. Always use an established taxicab company
2. Ask what the rate is before you get into the cab.
3. Do not share a cab with someone you do not know.
4. Do not share personal information with cap driver. Keep the topic conversation on the whether or local place of interest. use your intuition. If you are uncomfortable, or if something isn’t right with the driver, get out of the cab.
5. Make sure that the meter reads zero when you start your trip. If not politely ask your driver to reset the meter.
6. Tell the driver you would like him to take the most direct route ideally you should plot your path on the city map ahead of time so you know where the driver should be taking you..!


When you meet someone in the public setting-a coffee shop health club, for example-have you ever thought, this person is a little strange-and not just because he is wearing a polyester leisure suit that is your inner voice saying steer clear. woman have been conditioned to be polite to everyone, including some obnoxious men who wont take no for an answer. don’t worry about being abused or insult don’t worry about being rude or hurting someone feelings. many women wish that  they had not been so nice to the strangers!!! the eyes have it, there are many ways to sense if someone is a possible danger to you. a good indication is by looking into there eyes. you know the sayings; the eyes are the window to the soul. well, if a persons eyes appear glassy or glazed over, chances are this is not someone you want around. another signal is if the stranger stares at you inappropriately. There is an acceptable amount of time that a stranger look at you. You decide that amount of time!!


Begin to tap into your intuition

You hear it time and time again;listen to your gut instinct, or intution  fact is it works. If you just take  time to get in tune with your surroundings, nine times out of ten you will be able to avoid a negative situation before it happens. If only we had done that with many of our ex we are all going a hundred miles an hour from sun up to sun down. We barely take  time to eat lunch, let alone get in touch with our inner selves. This is a big mistake. To live safe and smart,you must use your intution. It is like that little dress-without it,your wardrobe is not complete. You cannot even begin to tap into your intution, however, If you are preoccupied taking  time to be aware of your surroundings can save your life. Intution just means acknowledging what you already know inside. Recognizing that butterfly feeling in your stomach or the prickly sensational down the back of your neck means that you are inner self is trying to tell you something. It could be something that’s not right or learning to sense your body intuitive signals is the first step to personal safety. Without intuition, all the safety tips in the world wont help you. One of the most compelling books about the value of intuition is the gift of fear.

Written by gavin de becker think about it apply to your daily life.get in tune with your intuition. Who knows it might even improve your love life!!