Know that the big works are only completed by a busy man

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Man has enough time to complete all required activities all what is needed is to organize his available time. If his time is not organized then man (but not time) shall be responsible for the non completion of his work the nearest of all evil is idleness. A civilized man who appreciates the time value can easily head forth into the future and achieve miracles. Time is more important than money and should be organized with utmost care. Time passes and waits not for anybody. Low and high tides wait no one. If time is not invested in a well defined realistic plan. It will escape and never come back. Time was made like an arrow when shot, it will not turn back to its bow. Money can be lost but also compensated often sometime. Goods are also perishable but also reproduce able.only time passes away but never waits any return back.
Time management
How can we manage our time?
Time value
Time budgeting
The value of time /life
Man’s life on earth is simply his living time from birth to death. Thus your life would be the result of days accommodated whenever a day passes some part of passes some part of your life goes along with it.
Time is like sword; unless you cut best utilized it then it will chop you off. One whose day is like yesterday is an awkward and one whose day is worse than his yesterday is dammed
I am not regretful for anything than a day which when its sun sets reduces my life time but adds nothing to my good deeds.
Time budgeting following the evaluation of our time we need to work out plan for it exactly as any organization lays down its budget at the beginning of each year to prepare an integrated overview of its output quality, quantity and consequently profit and loss balance.
Concentration-the total devotion to work in order to achieve the higher perfection and quality. There is no illness in life that can’t be cured by hard working and deep concentration. GOD change not what is in nation until they change what is in themselves.
Managing your sleeping time
After a long day of hard work and constant preoccupation mans mental condition will be at its lowest serenity. a better approach is to go to sleep early and consequently you will wake up early to new day enjoy the spiritual and psychological lucidity at its highest level.
Manage your time-eating
Available time must be fairly divided between requirements of other activities.
Rest time
Recreation and physical exercise are almost ignored or neglected .get relaxed and give your hearts need recreation from an hour to another because heart becomes blind if under constant compulsion. Harmonies life is thereby continuously kept in lively spiritual, mental and physical immovability.
A sincere heart-to heart dialogue can effectively dissolve any residual controversy so that love and brotherhood have last thing in our daily relationships. Love would replace stream orders. You like them to fulfill their duties also you must like them to get their rights.
Working time
Be disciplined organized your duties and manage your time. Go to work when you feel fit. Take out specific activities and complete them one by one. Jumping from one incomplete job to another incomplete means a loss of time. All work eventually tries out the mind until you reach a state of mental fatigue; change over from one type of work to another.
Crisis management-is part of managing your time efficiently always be prepared to face problems and crises in course of time you will develop a positive attitude with which you solve promptly all problems
Learn the value of your time
Put the right person at the right place. Make best use of your time by training your assistance so that they could shoulder responsibility as a team.
Everything in its place, a place for everything. Life is the sum of all friends with whom you are closely and constantly related